Don't Believe Me Just WATCH

I can't believe it has been three months since I’ve written a blog post. That is insane to me. My parents, and possibly only avid readers, have been threatening me to write something again, so here I am. Work has been crazy lately, and although lots of exciting things are happening…I wanted to focus on something I recently did for myself. A few weeks ago, I made the decision to impulsively (and unnecessarily) purchase an Apple Watch, and I thought a Bruno Mars pun was really the only way to explain my glee. 

"Three words for you. Treat. Yo. Self." For those of you Parks and Recreation newbs, the premise is to spoil yourself one day out of the year. And this was my ultimate treat. I don’t wear watches. Well, I didn’t wear a watch. However, I had grandiose plans for all of the possible apps I could design, and all of the amazing things I could do. And while I have slowly gotten hooked, it’s not for any of the reasons I had anticipated. My favorite use for the watch so far? I get to wear my grocery list. One glance and the tiniest of scrolls and I will never forget to pick up that spaghetti squash, which I’m convinced moves wildly around the produce area every time I go to the store.

This is not a product testimonial or a sales pitch for the Apple Watch. Let me be clear. What it reminded me of though, was what a speaker mentioned at the Future of Web Design conference last year. I know, nearly a year later and I still won’t shut up about that conference. At the end of each session, each speaker was asked where he or she thought the future of web was going. With mobile and wearables becoming all the rage, he gave what I felt was a very unique and almost poetic answer. 

He explained that everyone always thinks that eventually humans will catch up to software. That we’ll all adapt and get on board and learn to master it. And there is some truth to that, with new generations growing up in a world of technological advances. My first cell phone didn’t have a colored screen. I was the master of T-9, had to perfect my Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing skills somewhere, right? I went to the kiosk and the mall and pimped that bad boy out, cherry cover…because I liked cherries?…some bling, and you better believe that antenna lit up with all sorts of colors when I got a phone call. But flash forward, and look where we are now. It’s pretty wild. 

What he suggested however, was that there was a reason mobile and wearables were becoming popular. Humans aren’t adapting to software. Software is adapting to humans. It’s a great time to be a UX designer… where human connection and empathy are truly coming to the forefront. In marketing, there’s a reason why you focus on the story and not the product. You’re connecting with people, not things. So although I may have this fancy pants watch, I’m still proudly headed to my first kickball game of the season in an hour for some fresh air...and to hopefully convince the officials that bunting a kick should not only be allowed, but encouraged. 

So in honor of the treatchoself mentality, I leave you with a gift. If you thought Uptown Funk couldn't get any better, you haven't heard the Harry Potter version... 

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