TechSmith Tutorials

TechSmith Snagit and Camtasia are screen capture tools that empower users to share stories and educate others. Given that tutorials were often built in these products, Techsmith’s own tutorials needed to step up.

November, 2014

RoleUser Research, IA, UX, U

Considering TechSmith's software helps people make inspiring and compelling tutorials every day, our own tutorials section of the website was in desperate need of some love. After countless wireframes and click through prototypes, meetings with User Assistance and Marketing, and a lot of testing, I developed a redesign plan. I wanted to encourage users without seeming patronizing, and excite them to try our new products without overwhelming them.


With tutorials and help sites, there are often lot of different users and use cases to juggle, from potential customers simply curious about purchasing to frustrated users trying to solve a problem. I wanted people to find the information they needed and feel a sense of success as quickly as possible.